Technology today allows using state-of-the-art digital printers to produce high-quality banners, both for indoors and outdoors purposes. For outdoors banners, special inks are used, inks that are water proof and also weather proof. You can design your own banner and then hand it over to the specialists to execute it, or you just simply let the specialists do their complete jobs. Banners are trimmed and seamed for easy installment. The sizes vary a lot. Mesh banners are produced too, out of tough mash banner material.

In today’s market conditions, using media banners is a must, in order to have increased profits. Media banners need to be high-quality and cost-effective, as large-format graphics are needed. Image quality and dot control should be good. Mate and gloss finishes are available. There are outdoors-dedicated banners, as well as banners especially designed to be used for interiors.

There are several types of banners offered by specialized companies: frontlit, backlit, mesh, block out, non curl banners, textile banners, and wall covering banners. Frontlit banners need to be flame-retardant, with high UV stability. They should have high textile strength and good printability.


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