And Then...

The Great Big Book of Awesome Adventure Tales Vol 2

Adventure ~ Action

Danger ~ Derring-do

Rip-snorting action adventures of the

What If... What Next... 

and, most importantly, the 

And Then… kind.


A cohort of Australia’s best genre writers present a strange and fabulous collection of action-packed adventure stories - each featuring two heroes.

The two-volume And Then... anthology features page-turning stories by 32 award-winning, established and emerging Australian writers of science fiction, crime, speculative fiction, horror and fantasy. 

The settings are futuristic, contemporary and historical; the heroes are human, animal, alien and mythical; and their adventures are real-world, far-out, speculative, scary, mysterious, speculative and fantasastical.

Welcome to And Then... Volume Two

in which 15 authors travel in time and space from the Victorian gold rush to Regency England, from the
Blue Mountains to the Outback this year and just after WWI, from all-too possible dystopian futures on earth
to adventures in outer space. 

Their heroes are flawed and fabulous, brave and humble. They are bushrangers, adventurers, pirates, spacefarers, desperadoes and talking swords, who face danger from all manner of humans - greedy,
stupid or psychopathic; and monsters galore including cyclops, dragons, and the devil himself.


With an introduction by Janeen Webb

And Then... Vol 2 features:

Alison Goodman ~ A High Possibility of Peril

Andrew Nette ~ Save a Last Kiss for Satan

Cameron Ashley ~ Dogs Leave Home to Die

Fin J Ross ~ Genemesis

Mary Borsellino ~ The Australian Gang

Kerry Greenwood & David Greagg ~ Cruel Sister

Kelly Gardiner ~ Boots and the Bushranger

Amanda Pillar ~ It

Michael Pryor ~ Cross Purposes

James Hopwood ~ The Lost Loot of Lima

Sarah Evans ~ Plumbing the Depths

Jack Dann & Steven Paulsen ~ Harold the Hero and the Talking Sword

Maria Lewis ~ The Bushwalker Butcher


Edited by Ruth Wykes & Kylie Fox, with title-page illustrations by Vicky Pratt and cover art by Sarah Pain



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