Scarlet Stiletto

The Ninth Cut


The Ninth Cut
edited by Phyllis King


Award-winning crime stories from the 2017 Scarlet Stiletto Awards held by Sisters in Crime Australia.

A superb collection of page-turning crime and mystery stories in which fabulous female protagonists solve – and sometimes perpetrate – all kinds of crimes.

It is a thrilling mixture of surprising and chilling tales featuring amateur sleuths, journalists, writers, spies, cops, librarians, crooks and killers.

These 13 award-winning stories will have you on the edge of your seat, will chill your blood and sometimes make you laugh out loud.


The categories and winners are: 

  FIRST Prize and Scarlet Stiletto Shoe: Rowena Harding-Smith

  SECOND Prize & Best Film Idea: Lucy Kiff

  THIRD Prize: Katie Mills

  Body in the Library Prize: Narrelle M Harris

  Body in the Library runner-up: Natalie Conyer

  Malice Domestic: Maryanne Ross

  Mystery with History: M J Tjia

  Cross Genre: Christine Tondorf

  Romantic Suspense: Julie Alavoine

  Financial Crime: Rachel Smith

  Disabled Protagonist: Suzanne Frankham

  Great Film Idea: Lucy Kiff

  Young Writer’s Prize: Ellen Vickerman



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