Scarlet Stiletto: The Sixth Cut



Scarlet Stiletto: the Sixth Cut 
edited by Moraig Kisler


Award-winning crime stories from the 2014 Scarlet Stiletto Awards presented by Sisters in Crime Australia.

A superb collection of page-turning mysteries in which fabulous female protagonists solve – and sometimes perpetrate – all kinds of crimes.

The Sixth Cut features gold nugget wielding daughters, killer scrabble players, crooked cops, blue-tongued husbands and the dirty little secrets of librarians. Revenge is always a steady theme in the history of the Scarlet Stilettos, but in the 2014 anthology not only husbands and significant others but also bullying colleagues and statue-stealing weirdos were targeted. This delicious array of stories offers excellent advice on how to be rid of bothersome people, and a satisfying and at times comic treat for lovers of all things criminal.


The authors and their stories in Scarlet Stiletto: the Sixth Cut are:

Amy’s Sandal                             Judith Bridge

#hitandrun                                 Julianne Negri

What’s a Girl to Do                     Fin J Ross

Death on a Triple Score              Frances Sutherland

The Island                                 Suzanne Frankham

Statuary Offence                        Katie Mills

The Sixth Sense                         Richenda Rudman

Savage Womenv                         Melanie Myers

Ball and Chain                           Sandi Wallace

Prussian Blue                            Vicky Daddo

Out Came the Sun                    Anna Snoekstra

Dorothy Gale P.I.                      Bridey Carmel

The VOTOS Solution                 Fin J Ross

The Book Club                          Natalie Conyer


ePub and Kindle (aka mobi) versions of Scarlet Stiletto: the Sixth Cut are available now

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