Scarlet Stiletto: the Eighth Cut



Scarlet Stiletto: the Eighth Cut 

edited by Moraig Kisler


Award-winning crime stories from the 2016 Scarlet Stiletto Awards held by Sisters in Crime Australia.

This superb collection of page-turning mysteries in which fabulous female protagonists solve – and sometimes perpetrate – all kinds of crimes. It is a tantalising mixture of surprising and chilling tales of a killer with stone-cold eyes, female footballers with real kick, a sleep-walking hedge trimmer, murder in ancient Greece and much more. 

Featuring cops, killers, PIs, crooks and amateur sleuths, these award-winning stories will have you on the edge of your seat, will chill your blood and sometimes make you laugh out loud.


In 2016 Sisters in Crime Australia celebrated 25 years of skulduggery, murder, mayhem and good old cold-blooded revenge.

To mark the anniversary, the 23rd annual Scarlet Stiletto Awards  competition included a special, one-off and separately-judged Silver Stiletto Award. This was only open to previous Scarlet Stiletto First Prize winners, including the "Two-Shoe Winners" - those relegated to the Judging panel for being too good, by winning the First Prize twice. 

The ony pre-requsite for this award was that stories had to mention the word ‘silver’. The winning story is included in The Eighth Cut.

The authors and their stories in Scarlet Stiletto: the Eighth Cut are:

Stone Cold                                                          Ruth Wykes

Foul Play                                                             Liz Filleul

Cooking Up a Murder                                          Jenny Blackford

Four Hundred Acres of Nothing                           Fin J Ross

He Was Hers                                                        Leisl Egan

A Good Night’s Sleep                                           Katie Mills

Busted                                                                 Sandi Wallace

Where Yellow Ends                                               Ellen Vickerman

The Team from Information Services                    Catherine Moffat

Diving for Pearls                                                   Jacqui Horwood


ePub and Kindle (aka mobi) versions of Scarlet Stiletto: the Eighth Cut are available now

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