The Delphic Women


'My sandals were made to glide over the marble floor of the Palace of Mycenae, not to walk the road like a common market trader.

Of course, as a princess, I was unused to walking.

Only female slaves and whore are seen in public.

Only female slaves and whores walk..

Electra is the final book in The Delphic Women trilogy.

Electra is forced to flee her home after witnessing the shocking murder of her father, Agamemnon. But life outside the palace walls is frightening.

The free and easy ways of her foreign companions disturb her - especially the scandalous relationship between the Trojan woman, Cassandra, and the two men - but she needs their help to survive. Along the way, Electra's travels - driven by a burning desire for revenge - become a different kind of journey.

Electra evokes the dark perils and pleasures of the ancient world with a contemporary sensual intensity. 

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