Scarlet Stiletto: The First Cut


Scarlet Stiletto: the First Cut 
edited by Lindy Cameron


Scarlet Stiletto: the First Cut features 26 award-winning crime stories culled from the first 13 years of the Scarlet Stiletto Awards presented by Sisters in Crime Australia.

Thirteen years: 1495 entries, 468 shortlisted short stories, 13 first prize trophy winners, 91 category winners.

From 104 prize winning crime and mystery stories, 26 were chosen to showcase the undeniable talent of Australian women writers taking to a life of crime - writing. 

With so many tales of mystery, murder, mayhem, justice, revenge and just deserts, it was not an easy task.

Obviously the Scarlet Stiletto winning stories - 13 First Prize stories by only nine women - made the first cut of The First Cut.

Then a cross-section of category winners completed the mix. The final line-up reveals ecidence of the twisted, the dark, the sinister and the nefarious; bit mostly exposes the guilty pleasure of the perfectly executed crime... story.

You’ll find the whole gamut from murder and mayhem to police procedurals and crime in verse. Some will have your blood running cold, some will raise gooseflesh, and others will make you laugh – but all will have you on the edge of your seat, and wanting more.

A crime and mystery short story collection of startling originality; and a grim warning of what evil lurks in Australian suburbia.”  Kerry Greenwood

Scarlet Stiletto: the First Cut  is available in ePub and Kindle (aka mobi) versions and in paperback.



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