David Greagg


David Greagg is a pseudonym for David Greagg.

David was born in Perth, which is a long way from anywhere except Perth.

For Clan Destine Press David is the author - ahem, official biographer - of the accounts of two years in the life of the gentleman cat known as Dougal. The adventures of Dougal and his adopted sister Shadow are told in Dougal's Diary and When We Were Kittens.

David is also the author of Eaglehawk, It’s True! Burke & Wills Left the Frying-Pan Behind; It’s True! The Vikings Got Lost; and Australia’s National Parks.

His forthcoming CDP eBook short-story collection is called Sanctuary.

At various times David has been an economist, accountant, company secretary, policy analyst, astrologer, TV quiz show contestant and teacher of mathematics, chemistry & physics; as well as a medieval warrior and accredited wizard.

He will do, at various times in the future, other equally unpredictable things.

Find out more about David and Dougal at their website